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Dating Safety: Philippines Dating Scams

Technology has brought scams, fraud and risk to every part of the world and especially to those trying online dating. Philippines based dating scams are rampant online with syndicates, married couples, and even entire families after your hard earned cash. Private Investigators in the Philippines openly offer Dating Scam investigations as a mainstream service, and that’s something you’d never find in the USA or Australia.

So what is a dating scam and how do you spot it?

The most common form of dating scam uses romance, love, a little fun and the potential for marriage to lure you in. In other words, everything you are looking for when using a dating website is seemingly provided to ensure your interest.

The way the romance scam commonly works is as follows:

  1. Firstly they post a dating profile, quite often as a young and attractive Filipina. Alternatively they may just respond to or make contact with others that have posted personal ads or profiles.
  2. A relationship is quickly struck up with them making you feel special and wanted. Pet names such as babe or honey are often used to make you feel as though they really do like you and that a connection is forming. Seductive or nude photos are also used at times. As the targets of these scams are quite often single older males the attention from a striking Filipina can be hard to resist.

    One thing to keep in mind – Nobody falls in love after a few emails! Seriously!
  3. Over time they will establish a trust with you. You’ll feel there’s a real connection and you feel as though you love this girl. She’s told you that she loves you and that you are her life. It’s all good right? Wrong! This is when they make a play for your cash. Now this part comes in may shapes and sizes:

    • I need cash to get to Manila to see a specialist.
    • I am broke and if you don’t send me money today I’ll have to walk the streets tonight.
    • I need money to get a birth certificate (the price given is a lot more than it really costs)
    • I want to buy the engagement ring here myself, please send me the money.
    • My family member needs to go to hospital and we can’t afford it.
    • I need money for medicine.
    • I need money to get my passport.
    • You name it; they’ll say it if they think it’ll make you send them cash.

    Normally when they ask for money it is designed to play on your heart strings somehow and ensure you’ll feel bad if you say no.

    Some scammers however will wait until you travel to the Philippines before asking for money. When this happens you can have an entire family after you for money and saying no isn’t always the safest thing, especially when you’re in their house. Don’t be surprised if you’re robbed of everything you have of value with you either.

    If you say no to sending money, and you should, they will get grumpy and act as though your relationship is on the line. It’s time to walk away.

So how do you spot a dating scam?

This is a difficult one as it all depends on whom you are dealing with. A wife in a married couple or a daughter in a family syndicate may be able to use real photos, telephones and webcams, whilst a 60 year old woman acting alone will not. It takes different approaches to spot different scammers and even then you may still get foiled. Here are a few things to be wary of though:

  • No telephone number
  • You are 65 and she is 25
  • If she asks for money for ANY reason
  • She falls in love quickly
  • She seems overly attentive and strokes your ego straight away
  • Is the information on their profile vague?
  • Does the photo appear to be too good to be true?

What you need to keep in mind when considering sending money or anything else to someone you met online is this. You really have no idea who you are sending it to. Some people that run these scams are old ladies, families, men even. Chances are that whilst you think you are special, there are at least 10 or more other guys that are being treated the same way and they are probably already sending the cash to your beloved.

If you really believe that she is the one and that you’re not being scammed, considering hiring a private detective or running a background check to learn what you can. Just be sure to hire a professional firm to do the work else believe it or not you may be scammed with this also.

There are plenty of genuine beautiful Filipinas seeking relationships online and there are also plenty of scammers looking to take your money. Be sure to protect yourself from dating scams and stay safe.

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